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Becoming A Financial Planning Client

Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you achieve your life’s dreams and desires. In a nutshell, we help you figure out where you are, where you want to be, and your chances of successfully getting there if you continue on your same course of action. More often than not, our expertise and experience can usually facilitate that journey. Sometimes it may require that you make some changes. We have found that if you are very clear on your values and priorities, your commitment to your plans are much stronger and motivate you to make changes that may be recommended.

1. Initial Meeting

Our first meeting is to understand your main issues, estimate the scope of the engagement, and determine if we are well suited to help you. The initial meeting is generally free of charge and there is no obligation on your part. Based on our initial meeting, we will then prepare a proposal outlining how we believe we can best help you, what is required, and what it will cost. We seek to establish long-term ongoing relationships with our clients.

It is quite helpful if you can prepare a simple Net Worth and Cash Flow statement for your initial meeting and bring your last two years of tax returns.

2. Your Life Goals

Once we have mutually agreed (committed) to work together, we move to the next stage of in-depth data gathering of both qualitative and quantitative information. Financial Planning is about helping you achieve your life goals. Quite often clients come to us with goals that are quite vague or general. We work closely with you to understand your vision for the future as well as your true values and priorities. This process increases self awareness and is the foundation of our relationship. We also collect the “facts and figures” to help determine where you are starting from. A list of documents that we usually need is attached, click here for the checklist. The better we understand you, your current situation, and your desired future; the better job we can do lighting your way.

3. Your Vision and Commitment

In this stage we assist you in creating your vision for the future that is compelling, fulfilling and inspiring. The picture you create of your future will include everything that is most important to you and contributes to achieving your dreams and desires. This step gives us clear guidelines for creating your personal financial plan that captures what is truly important to you.

4. Our Objectivity and Expertise

After we have gathered your “data” we analyze all of your inputs to develop your financial plan. In this process we may need to have some discussions to clarify items, get additional information, or you may need to notify of us unexpected changes in your situation. Utilizing our objectivity and expertise, we develop and present to you personalized solutions to support the life, vision and goals that you have created. A key element of the financial plan is helping you be prepared for the inevitable “curve balls” that can come your way and block you from achieving your goals.

5. Lighting your way, enriching your life.

With your new insight and knowledge, we strive to empower you to take action. We want to provide you with a plan that inspires confidence for you to move in the direction to achieve your life’s dreams and desires. We strategically partner with you and other professionals to implement your plans according to your wishes. Our goal is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Because unanticipated events occur and priorities shift over time, it is important to regularly review your situation and your plans to make sure that they are still relevant.