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Investment Management Services

The primary business of the Advisor, anticipated to represent approximately seventy percent of its business shall be Investment Management Services, which involve the giving of ongoing continuous investment advice to the Client based on the individual needs of the Client.

Investment Management Services include the consultation with the client to help the Client decide upon a reasonable set of financial objectives, risk tolerance, planning assumptions and financial forecasts; the preparation and presentation of a specific asset allocation and investment recommendations of no load and low load products; the providing of continuous advice concerning the investment and reinvestment of assets under management, based on the individual needs of the client; the assistance with implementation by effecting securities transactions or issuing instructions on behalf of the Client to the custodian, broker dealer, or insurance company for the investments chosen by the Client; the providing to the Client of quarterly reports; and meetings (in person, or by telephone) with the Client on at least an annual basis to conduct an in-depth review of the portfolio performance.

The Advisor shall not have discretion with respect to any investment decisions made on behalf of the Client. Advisor does not vote proxies on behalf of clients.