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Pension Consulting Services

Advisor provides several advisory services separately or in combination. While the primary clients for these services will be pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plans, Advisor will also offer these services, where appropriate, to individuals and trusts, estates and charitable organizations. Pension Consulting Services are comprised of four distinct services. Clients may choose to use any or all of these services.

Selection of Retirement Plan:

Working with Pension Plan Consultants, Advisor will help client and pension plan consultant choose a type of pension/retirement plan that suits the clients needs.

Selection of Investment Vehicles:

Advisor will review various investments, consisting generally of mutual funds (such as managed, index, target maturity and lifestyle strategy) to determine which of these investments are appropriate to achieve a broad set of investment choices for the plan. The number of investments to be recommended will be determined by the client, with agreement of the plan trustees and Advisor.

Monitoring of Investment Performance:

Advisor will supervise the client’s portfolio and will make recommendations to the client as market factors and the client’s needs dictate.

Employee Communications

For pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plan clients wherein there are individual accounts with participants exercising control over assets in their own account (’’self-directed plans’’), Advisor also provides educational support and investment workshops designed for the Plan participants subject to needs and requirements of the client firm. The nature of the topics to be covered will be determined by Advisor and the client under the guidelines established in ERISA Section 404 (c). The Advisor may provide educational support and investment workshops at the request of the plan trustee.